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One Golden Square Labs is the creative hub of One Golden Square. It's where the technical boffins in Absolute Radio Digital Media test their experimental projects.


Just added
Over the past few weeks we've been working on an exciting project with Samsung and the TV App Agency which we showcased at the IP&TV World Forum. The Samsung Smart TV Remote for Android is our first convergence app offering seamless user interaction between the Samsung Smart TV and a second screen – in this case the Android Smartphone.

Exclusive to Samsung 2012 smart TV models the app effectively transforms your Android phone into a Samsung Smart TV remote control for our existing TV app and gives users the chance to engage directly with the on-screen twitter feed from the on-air presenter.


With the launch of our new Absolute Radioplayer, we thought it might be interesting to explain how the RadioSync feature works.

What is RadioSync? RadioSync provides listeners with contextual information about what is happening now and next on the radio station you are listening to, while putting you in control of the stuff you might have missed.

How does RadioSync work? All events (song, news, advert etc) are associated with a unique identifier that is passed through the audio stream. Using this unique identifier, we can pull out data for any particular event and display this in sync with the audio stream. RadioSync currently caches the last 20 events on our server, which allows you to view any event you might have missed.

So now you know how it all works, give it a try!

Match Day Centre and Live Scores App

To support our live and exclusive commentary of the Barclays Premier League on Rock 'N' Roll Football, we've taken official Premier League data, put it in a simple, yet informative package and are now delivering it to you wherever you are.

Follow matches live with the Match Day Centre online or with the new Rock 'N' Roll Football Live Scores iPhone, iPad and Android apps, with push notification goal alerts.

Playlist Hacking

Seeing as we had so much fun hacking around with radio station playlist information with Compare My Radio, we thought it might be interesting to see what other developers could do with the same sort of data.

So, do you fancy playing around with our stations' data? With the launch of our new playlist page, you can find details of how to access all the tracks we've been playing on any of our stations. Whether you want know the last ten tracks we've played on Absolute 80s in XML or compare the tracks Christian plays every weekday morning via JSON, it's all there. And don't forget to let us know what you create.

Full HD Audio

In what is another radio first, Absolute Radio has made our exclusive gig with the legend that is Elton John, available on-demand to stream in, high definition audio - 'Full HD' using a Fully Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC).

About the team

OGS Labs is a working group of technical and creative minds at One Golden Square, led by the Absolute Radio Digital Media team.
If you would like to enquire about, comment on or collaborate with one of the projects we are working on, please contact our Lead Developer Duncan Amey, using the form below.

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